Dinner Set Small – ( 2 Bowl , 1 Small bowl , 1 Glass , 1 Spoon , 1 Plate )

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You feel more comfortable to take breakfast, lunch or dinner in the earthen clay dinner set. Buy earthen clay dinner set online.

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How to use pottery?
*Before using new pottery, leave them in water for twenty four hours.
*Remove the pottery from the water and keep it in the sun for two hours.
*Use pottery on low flame on gas
*Do not use pottery for microwave
*After making an instant meal in the pot, do not keep it on cold floors.
*Do not put cold water in hot pottery
*Use hot water to wash the pottery and do not use any chemicals


This is a Food Plate made with Clay. The Clay Food Plate contains one dish, one glass ,four bowls and two small bowls. This clay plate gives natural feel at the time of eating. It gives real taste of natural food.
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